Our Story

Based in the beautiful West Australian Coastal City of Bunbury, WA Cruises PTY LTD T/a Bunbury Exclusive Cruises and Bunbury Dolphin Cruises was established in 2022 to provide locals & visitors with a close-up look at what our local waterways and wildlife have to offer.

The 3 Bunbury families behind the venture had for decades as recreational boaters, enjoyed the unique and widely diverse local waters. From the tranquil Collie River & Estuary, the bustling activity of Koombana Bay, The Leschenault Inlet & Casuarina Boat Harbour, and indeed the expanse of pristine coastal waters that form the world famous Geographe Bay.

Then one late summer afternoon whilst taking in the sunset (and maybe a couple too many sundowner drinks) one of the trio said out of nowhere… ‘we should start a charter company…’ 

Your crew – (L-R) Serah - Bookings Administrator / Crew Dave – Coxswain 1 / MED1 Helena – Host / Crew Cimon – Coxswain 1 Jeff - Coxswain 1 Donna - Host / Crew

Because the friends are all past and present local business owners and with their combined 60 years of South West boating experience, that throw-away comment evolved into an all-night discussion, which soon became a plan…!

And after 2 short months of scouring the nation for the right vessel, the idea became a reality with the purchase of the AMSA surveyed Obsession 1 and subsequently the launch of Bunbury Exclusive Cruises in the latter part of 2022…

And soon enough – the rest will be history!

Our Vessel

Obsession 1… A West Australian purpose built commercial vessel which has spent its life between the South West and The Pilbara Coast showcasing WA’s incredible coastline and adjacent inland waters. It is right at home now in Bunbury, perfectly suited to all options between calm-water cruising in Koombana Bay & The Collie River, to venturing off shore to  renowned dive locations including the Magnificent MV Lena dive wreck.

We welcome you aboard!

Vessel Name: Obsession 1 – UVI 437788

Type: Australian Built Seaquest 34 – Mono Hull – Aluminium Construction

AMSA Survey: 1C (14 + Crew), 1D (18 + Crew)

LOA: 10.3 meters (34 foot)

Beam: 3 meters (10 foot)

Power: Volvo Penta Diesel 231 kw (314 hp)


  • Peacefully quiet 4-knot idle speed around inland waters
  • 20 knot offshore cruise speed… and if its ever needed, a 30 knot sprint speed
  • Sponson equipped hull creating a remarkably stable vessel, both underway and at rest
  • Low draft and low clearance allowing transit to locations where most vessels this size can’t go
  • Single level unobstructed deck providing ample room to move with uninterrupted visibility to port, starboard and aft
  • 80% covered deck with roll-up/down blinds & clears to provide comfortable 3 season boating
  • Spacious padded seating with backrests plus a huge aft sun lounge
  • Access to the roof sundeck for serious sun-basking
  • Big 6 burner BBQ (Your crew can cook your BYO BBQ foods at no extra cost)
  • Massive on board esky and electric refrigeration – (Ice Supplied at no extra charge)
  • Big sound system and LED lighting
  • Enclosed toilet and rear deck shower (cold water only – hot water installation coming soon!)

Your Safety

Our motto may be ‘Good Times are On the Water’… but it is not lost on us that without clear safety protocols, a trained crew and the highest levels of vessel maintenance & care, those ‘good times’ can turn quickly into something quite the opposite.
We also know not everyone is 100% at ease when out on the water, especially if there is a rolling swell to contend with.

So for your peace of mind, please know this…

  • Obsession 1 is a fastidiously maintained, stable & seaworthy vessel with all the required safety systems as well as redundancies should something not function as intended.
  • Well before you arrive for boarding we set about ensuring everything is shipshape, conducting our safety checks, engineering pre-starts and wind & weather condition checks – thoroughly undertaken – each and every time.
  •  Regardless if we are conducting an offshore run to a dive location, or a gentle cruise around the bay… we treat every voyage with the same level of care and responsibility.
  • Your crew are fully trained, holding the highest Coxswain 1 certifications, MED 1 engineering qualifications including Sea Rescue experience. Those formal qualifications are supported by decades of on-water boating experience in both local waters and in waters in various locations across the country
  • Your crews’ primary focus is for your safety and comfort, so do not hesitate to ask if you have any concerns or if you have any requests that would make your time with us as enjoyable as it can be!

Safety Briefing and Important Rules

In addition to us performing our roles to keep you safe, all guests are required to follow the instructions provided in safety briefings before departure, and at certain times during your cruise.

For the complete safety of everyone on board, if a guest is in clear breach of a stated rule or refuses to comply with a request from a member of the Crew, then that individual will be returned to the departure point and disembarked without refund – And that doesn’t sound like Good Times at all!

So please listen carefully and abide by all requests of your crew. If you’re unsure, then please ask a member of our crew for clarification.

Things to consider before joining us…

  • Wheelchair Access. Unfortunately, we cannot cater for wheelchair access at this time. All guests will need to be able to step across / step up / step down when boarding & disembarking. If you are concerned about the requirement to climb up and / or down a few steps for boarding by way of small but sturdy step ladders, then please contact us to discuss options.
  • Mind The Gap! Whilst we will get up-close and be secured to the boarding jetties, there will be a requirement to step across a gap between the vessel and the jetty. Your crew will be there to assist. If you would like more information, please contact us.
  • Motion Sickness. We will do our best to keep the vessel stable during your cruise and we will avoid heading into waters that are excessively rough – however the nature of being on the water with just a gentle rolling swell can make some people feel unwell. If you suffer easily from motion sickness, we recommend that you take a Quell* or similar motion sickness tablet* about 60 minutes before boarding to avoid your cruise experience being uncomfortable. *Please consult your pharmacist or doctor before taking any medication
  • Life Jackets: We have more than enough life jackets, life rings and life rafts on board for everyone in the highly unlikely event that something happens where these lifesaving devices are needed. Your safety briefing will include a demonstration of life jacket use. If you would like to wear a life jacket during your cruise, we are happy to provide one so please ask one of the friendly crew when you arrive.
  • Life Jackets for Children – We only have a limited number of child-size life jackets and because there are several different sizes available for different ages and weights, please advise us when booking that children will be boarding. Please also supply the ages and approximate weights of any children so that we can endeavour to have sufficient number and size jackets on board. If you would like more information, please contact us.



It was a great trip !!! Looking forward to many more !! – Max John(October 2022)


Great dive, great boat & crew..🤿👍 – Jim Mailes(October 2022)


I double dived the Lena Wreck on board the maiden voyage for Bunbury Exclusive Charters on a glorious spring day in October 2022. The skipper crew & dive guides provided an exceptional service. The vessel Obsession 1 is stable, comfortable and I felt safe at all times.  Progressive snacks, drinks & a light lunch was provided to satiety. Plans to further refit the boat to custom fit scuba diving, snorkeling and to just enjoy time out on the water in a boat will be mint. I highly recommend Bunbury Exclusive Charters to anyone looking to enjoy a fun relaxed time on a boat in, under or on the water.
– Christopher Lim(October 2022)


New dive charter for the south west, highly recommended, these guys are keen to get involved and provide a good day out for all. Looking forward to the next trip.
– Brenton wohlrab (October 2022)


Had the privilege of going on the maiden voyage with these guys. Such an awesome day out! Crew were so helpful with getting people in and out of the water with gear. providing snacks and lunch. Such a cruisy day on the water. will 100% recommend heading out with these guys 👍
– Natasha Humphries (October 2022)


Had the absolute best time with Exclusive Cruises for our work celebration. We all had an absolute blast! So easy to deal with, so much fun and super relaxed, informative & polite crew. 100% recommend to everyone, can not fault anything. Incredible!!!
– Chloe Ballard recommends Bunbury Exclusive Cruises. (December 14)